Marshmallow Media

Marshmallow Media recognizes media as a powerful way to ignite our innate power for evolving and activating real and lasting change. With broad experience in producing content for some of the biggest international broadcasters and Fortune 500 companies, the company focuses its skills and energy on creating meaningful content that makes a difference for humanity. We create and produce original non-fiction TV series, documentaries, media content and special themed events.

Recent productions include ‘Beach Life With Angela Kan’, an original travel series airing on Discovery Travel & Living Channel to 150 million households across 20 counties.

Jo Fok

Jo Fok

exectutive producer

Jo Fok is a broadcast producer, meaningful media strategist and educator. With broad experience producing content for international broadcasters and Fortune 500 companies, she founded Marshmallow Media in 2009 to focus her skills and talent on creating meaningful content for humanity. Passionate about holistic education, Jo is also a Mindfulness teacher and facilitator of the Pachamama Alliance's education program with its mission of environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on our precious planet. She co-founded the first TEDxYouthDay in HK now an annual event and recently she was invited as the opening speaker at TEDxTokyoTeachers.

We value creativity, passion and professionalism, below are some of our favourite collaborators whom we have worked with over many projects.


paul MOGG

director + visual creator

Paul is an accomplished director, the solid grounding and experience in Art and Creative Directing in moving images formed Paul's style. He brings beautiful visuals and special effects together to create a new dynamic visual reality in whatever media that he works in.

Victoe Pena

Victor Peña

post director

Victor’s talent in post production is invaluable, he is focus and process driven yet he fuses his creativity with just the right dosage.

“Inspiration can no longer sustain brand loyalty no matter what business you are in. Aspiration, on the other hand, involves striving in a long-lasting and meaningful way to achieve or become something bigger. That’s what the ever expanding smart viewers are looking for”

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